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Session planning/position specific education and guidance

This service is aimed to assist both volunteer coaches and professional coaches. Sit down with Rachel Wood as she helps you develop practice plans, advises on coaching tips and tricks, and builds team bonding/culture to help you get the most out of your team this season. Prices vary. 

Coaching workshop

Learn how to cultivate a productive and optimist team culture while developing a positive leadership style.

Explore the difference in coaching boys vs. girls and how coaching methods can permanently impact athletes.

Individual team or club-wide culture building and implementation

Do you notice a problem with cliques or politics on your team? Is there a sense of uneasiness and dissatisfaction among players? Or is your team simply not performing to the best of its ability? Have Rachel Wood come and assess the cultural environment of your team and/or club and give recommendations on how to raise the culture into a positive, constructive, team focused environment.

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