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Summit Soccer offers private 1 on 1 sessions, small group sessions (4-8 players) and clinics (8+) players. Each type of session can be completely customizable to fulfill what the player/s feel they would like to work on.

Private sessions are heavily geared toward technique and skill work. We want players to have as many touches on the ball as they can, therefore our warm-ups and drills will always include a ball. We start each session with ball work to get players comfortable with the ball using different surfaces of their feet. The session then progresses into position specific drills: finishing, long balls, heading etc. Each training session is customized to the individual.

Our coaching style at Summit can be described as positive, encouraging yet constructive. We know it is important for players to have confidence and self belief. We focus equally on confidence building/maintenance as we do skill work. We know players respond and perform best when coaching is encouraging, constructive and full of belief. 


Group Sessions are planned with the same philosophy as our private sessions, however, we take into account the overall skill level of the group and if the group has specific goals it would like to achieve. During group sessions we look to take the technical skills that we teach in private lessons and apply them to game situation. Group sessions are essential for player development because it allows players to try new techniques, skills, concepts in a safe and constructive environment.

Mental Training

We help athletes train their minds, their perception of the world and their way of thinking. Mental training is equally as important, if not more so, than physical training. Our aim is to help athletes optimize performance by giving them tools they can apply on and off the field to keep them in a winning mindset. 

Game Film Evaluation

Have a Summit trainer review game footage with you via Zoom! Film review is a great way to help players gain positional understanding and increase their tactical IQ of the game. It also allows players to see what they are doing well and what they can improve on in terms of technique, spacial awareness and decision making. 

Game Film Evaluation

Can’t make it into our training facility for Strength and Conditioning due to travel, vacations, traffic, busy schedule etc. etc. etc.?! We’ve got you! Have Katie and Taylor customize a SOCCER SPECIFIC strength, speed, mobility and injury prevention program that you can do anywhere anytime.

Game Film Evaluation

Nugget soccer is a summer-time group for players kindergarten age through second grade. Each session will be fun and engaging while teaching kiddos the tools and fundamentals they need to help them be successful. Each skill is paired with games that help them to apply what they have been taught. Nugget soccer is fun for all and runs two days each week! Click below for schedule and registration.


Parent and player sessions

A great way to exercise and connect with your kids. In this session you’ll train with your athlete and they will show you a thing or two about what they do daily. Shared experiences can bring people close together. And what better way to shoe your athlete you have taken an interest in what they do, then to hop in and see first hand how challenging their workouts are and how fun the game is!

Parent workshop

A series of workshops designed to help parents guide their children through youth sports, how to be an advocate for their kids and how their own behavior can positively or negatively effect their players.

Learn from leading experts in the fields of mindfulness, nutrition, strength and conditioning and injury prevention to help give your players the support system they need to succeed on and off the field.

Session planning guidance

Sit down with Rachel Wood as she helps you goal set for your team this season. She will also help you plan practices and practice progressions for the season, offer coaching tips and tricks, and team/culture building ideas to help you get the most out of your team this season. Prices vary. Click to schedule or request more information.


Session planning/position specific education and guidance

This service is aimed to assist both volunteer coaches and professional coaches. Sit down with Rachel Wood as she helps you develop practice plans, advises on coaching tips and tricks, and builds team bonding/culture to help you get the most out of your team this season. Prices vary. Click to schedule or request more information.

Coaching workshop

Learn how to cultivate a productive and optimist team culture while developing a positive leadership style.

Explore the difference in coaching boys vs. girls and how coaching methods can permanently impact athletes.

Individual team or club-wide culture building and implemntation

Do you notice a problem with cliques or politics on your team? Is there a sense of uneasiness and dissatisfaction among players? Or is your team simply not performing to the best of its ability? Have Rachel Wood come and assess the cultural environment of your team and/or club and give recommendations on how to raise the culture into a positive, constructive, team focused environment.

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