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Parent and player sessions

A great way to exercise and connect with your kids. In this session you’ll train with your athlete and they will show you a thing or two about what they do daily. Shared experiences can bring people close together. And what better way to shoe your athlete you have taken an interest in what they do, then to hop in and see first hand how challenging their workouts are and how fun the game is!

Parent workshop

A series of workshops designed to help parents guide their children through youth sports, how to be an advocate for their kids and how their own behavior can positively or negatively effect their players.

Learn from leading experts in the fields of mindfulness, nutrition, strength and conditioning and injury prevention to help give your players the support system they need to succeed on and off the field.

Session planning guidance

Sit down with Rachel Wood as she helps you goal set for your team this season. She will also help you plan practices and practice progressions for the season, offer coaching tips and tricks, and team/culture building ideas to help you get the most out of your team this season. Prices vary. 

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